Montag, 22. Mai 2017

The next new set - at the court of the Ming Emperor

Thomas gave me the photos of the next masters of his steady growing range of the Samurai-Invasion of Korea 1592-98.

This time it is the Chinese high chief as mentioned above.
See here the photos of the masters made by Leo from Phersu-miniatures

Two more sets of Imperial guards will follow soon.

For those of you interested in the subject take a look at Thomas' range in our shop.

And if you don't know much about the subject and are interested to let your Japanese fight someone else beside other Japanese I suggest you this great book from Steven Turnbull

Freitag, 19. Mai 2017

The battle of Hanau

Today I talked with two hobbyfriends about the battle of Hanau 1813.

One wanted to have Austrian Landwehr bataillons for 1813 (with corsican hat), the other told me it is a nice idea for a diorama but haven't there been a big one about the subject?

I checked my archive and found these photos from 2007 at the Intermodellbau. Udo Sixel with his friends started on the project and showed a small part of the diorama there. But I understood so far that it never came to life completely

For me as a Bavarian this is of course an interesting subject:-)

Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

And again civilians - this time 30YW or ECW

My friend Rainer asked for these figures as he is working on a small diorama for the museum of his hometown. These are for an accident when the Swedish army came to Nidderau.

Well, I think these could be used for nearly all European wars in this period. And there are a lot of refugees in this period.

In a month they will appear in the shop too

Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

Again new masters from Massimo - This time WW2

Gerrit asked for some "untypical" figures this time.

Here we have some Germans in cold weather and civilians. I think especially the latter ones are interesting for small dioramas.

Freitag, 12. Mai 2017

Gordon Highlanders, Sudan 1884-85 from Massimo's own production

Puh, this will be a long post...

Again I got a mail from Massimo which I will simply copy into the blog. So far I bought all his own sets and was very happy with the figures (ok, the Camel Corps was to big to mix with other figures).

You can buy the sets from him directly, they are not in our shop.

So it seems my collection for the Sudan will grow fast:-)

So this was Massimo's mail:

Dear Uwe,
I inform you that I have available the new sets sculpted by me
Gordon’s Highlanders , Sudan 1884-85   price is 27.-  € + shipping cost

Are still available my sets 42th Black Watch Miniatures :
The Mahdists                                                                 price    25.- €
Black Watch , Battle of Tamai , Sudan 1884-85         price    25.- €
4th Alabama , First Battle of Bull Run 1861                price    33.- €
 And we have available the Waterloo1815 figures sculpted by me
Scots Grey                                                                 17.- €
Carabinieri Belgi                                                       15.- €
Wellington's Staff                                                     15.- €
Ney Staff Chargé                                                       15.- €
Custer last Stand                                                       15.- €
Camel Corps , Sudan 1884-85                                18.- €

Shipping cost (the price remains unchanged even if the number of sets is one or more)
Europe , UK     11.- €
U.S.A., Americas, Canada     16.- €
Australia , New Zeland          17.- €

Those who are interested in the figures, please send me a mail to

We start with the new set of Gordons

Alabama (he promised me 14th Brooklin will come too soon)

Derwishes - I still have to paint two sets of them

The 42nd in the Sudan (these my friend Krisztian painted for me and I tried the other set myself)

Still lying around - but a great set!

At the moment I can't see Napoleonics, but they will be on the list for future painting. They are other poses than the one we have in the shop. So more variation with both sets together.

This set is a challenge to paint!

And this is one for a future project. But in the end it is just a skirmish...

These guys are great. But my other figures for this subject are Newline 20mm and converted Esci. They do not really fit together.

Now let's see what is comming up from Massimo in the future. I bed more ACW and Scottish in colonial wars:-)